Resultz Gym Age Policy

At Resultz Gym we believe it is important to cater for developing teenagers and support their interest and goals to achieve a healthier mind and body.  Supporting our future leaders in society by adopting a healthy attitude towards exercise and providing a safe and secure environment to train will only assist in developing our next generation of young adults.

What is the Minimum Age?

The minimum age for our gym memberships is 14 years of age.  If the child is aged 14 or 15 they must be supervised and accompanied by a parent/caregiver (over the age of 18). If you are 16 - 17 you can use the gym in an unsupervised capacity with a signed parental consent form.  This includes our Boot Camp group training memberships as well.

Unfortunately, if you are below the age of 14 you will just have to wait until your next birthday….. Maybe a great birthday present idea from Mum or Dad!

How do I join up?

We do require a few extra bits of information if you require parental supervision or a parental consent form;

  • Your online membership application. Mum, Dad or your legal Guardian will need to electronically sign in the second box at the bottom of your membership application.
  • Complete and sign the Parental consent form which can be downloaded below

What happens after I fill out the online member application and parental consent form?

Once you have filled out the appropriate online documentation, I will be in touch to organise a Gym induction and get you issued with your very own after-hours access card.  Our Resultz Gym Staff would prefer that Mum, Dad, or your legal Guardian come down with you once you have filled out your online membership and the parental consent form.  Alternatively, one of our Resultz Gym staff will call Mum, Dad, or your legal Guardian prior to activating your membership to ensure that we have made contact and it will allow them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have prior to you training.

Will I be limited to the equipment I can use?

No, you will have full access to all of the equipment that the big kids play with.  We may spend a little extra time with you during your Gym induction to ensure that you understand how to use the equipment if it is a little unfamiliar to you.

We want you to make the most out of your gym experience here at Resultz and we are passionate about providing our younger generation with a positive atmosphere and supportive environment to train.

Click join now for more information and access to our online membership sign up form. To make an enquiry, call 0414 474 040 or leave your email address with us to receive a quick response.

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Be part of a supportive culture where every person is welcomed regardless of their fitness ability... we all have to start somewhere!

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