Trainers at Resultz Gym

We have a unique set up when it comes to our trainers at Resultz Gym.

Apart from the owner, Mat Skate, all of the trainers conduct their business independently from Resultz Gym. The benefits to clients is that each trainer will bring something new to the table and as a collective we are able to offer more flexible and diverse services to our members.

Additionally, clients of our trainers do not require membership if they are there to see their respective PT.

"I do not believe in charging extra to a client who is using the establishment to train with their own PT" - Mat Skate

Be part of a supportive culture where every person is welcomed regardless of their fitness ability... we all have to start somewhere!

Yes, we've created an amazing culture and our training is highly successful. Yes, our clients love it and have lot's of fun! Yes, IT IS hard work and the rewards and benefits speak louder than words!